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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merriest Christmas + Happiest Days

H A P P I E S T   D A Y S

Why is this dog SMILING?

Why is this dog so peaceful?
Why is this dog so happy?
...thinking about his happiest days ahead...


off of the streets, out of the hills
away from the concrete kennel
for good

It just doesn't take that much to make a difference.
For an animal, for a person, for a family.
Try it on for size.

Welcome HOME Buddy.
Home for good.

please welcome buddy barnes
he has already helped me baste and quilt a quilt
and he'll be the support team for beyond the reef
and if I can, I will train him to answer the studio phone and take your orders
or at least answer an email here or there

buddy was dumped up in the hills
he lived for a while with dogs, cats, horses
until he ended up in a shelter

one day a girl came to see him
he sat with her on the floor, and she rubbed his belly
he felt secure - he closed his eyes and relaxed under her touch
but she left
he sat
and watched her walk away

but she came back - he came around the corner, saw her, and put two muddy paws on her shoulders
licking her face and wagging his tail
"she came back for me"

PS - altho the shelter thought Buddy was Border Collie/Lab mix, the vet thought he might be a McNab Border Collie
from Mendocino, CA
Who knows.
What he IS, is a happy dog.


Robin said...

Lucky dog!

Rose Hughes said...

Wishing both you Natalie & you BB a wonderful, fun-filled life together! Merry, Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Best Christmas Buddy ever had, but just the first of many, many more to come! Giving and receiving - keep the spirits high!
Hugs to you both,

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement! UPDATE: We're on week one of creating a new schedule, and new traditions. Buddy is learning how to keep a perfect quarter inch seam! Look for the new "Buddy Learns to Quilt" series on the beyond the reef facebook fan page!
Thanks again, all of you...yes, giving keeps the spirits high!!

late4game said...

Lucky Buddy!!! Lucky Natalie!!! A match made in heaven. He is one of God's beautiful creatures, and you are both lucky to have found each other. Glad to have met him today. Blessing wants a play date!!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Play? Did Buddy hear the word PLAY???
Oooooh. Fun....

Jane said...

Yea! Welcome home Buddy, you are always welcome at Auntie Jane's house. Abby can't wait to meet you and show you her tricks.