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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year - A New Decade - Anew.

Begin Again.
A new year, a new decade.

Some times in our lives, in our work day, in our projects, in our quilts, in our breathing in, breathing out, 
it is hard to distinguish between the sunrise and the sunset.
The breath in, the breath out.
The beginning of a project, the completion of a project.
Are we cutting the binding to finish the project, or to start to give the gift?

On this magical New Year's Eve
With it's wonderful full moon
With it's beautiful blue moon

I wish you both.
I wish for you the quiet still and the wonder of a sunrise
a new day
And the peace and majesty of a sunset
a day well done.
I wish you both.
And the smile that both brings.

I wish for you the fabric, the project, the sewing, the quilting, the giving of the quilt.
I wish for you breath in, breath out.
Simply that.
I have said it before, quoting Julian 
quoting Rumi:

Begin Again.


Rose Hughes said...

Bless you Natalie, and I am excited to be the first leaving you comments... well, a huge thank you for sharing yourself with me through your words, photos and friendship... happy celebrations of the new year - the new decade and breath.

jaybird said...

well put... i hope 2010 can be a new beginning for me... and the continuation of all the good things you know about! thanks for your constant love & support!