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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Road to California

Road to California is HERE!

It is always a joy to have young quilters in our booth - no, not Julie from Jaybird Quilts, but new quilters!!  Yes, we have a following of loyal customers, people that come time and time again to say hello and visit, and we do appreciate visiting, catching up, saying hello, getting a hug here and there, and seeing what projects are current.

But these two - and others like them - well, this is what we love to see also!  Julie had a great chat with these two sisters while the next TWO generations in their family did some shopping at beyond the reef at Road to California.

Because, isn't that really what it's all about in the long run?
Connecting with friends,
finding just the right fabric,
for just the right quilt,
for just the right person - - -

We're all here at Road to California - Ontario Convention Center - and waiting to say hi!  Sid from Oregon, Suzanne from Arizona, Julie from Pennsylvania, Jane from Weed, CA - and me, your host - Natalie from California!!  Oh, and Lisa from California, too.

Won't you come by and say hello?




Anonymous said...

And Florida wishes she could be there, miss all your inspiring creativity and fun.

Barb said...

I was drawn to your blog and store by the name of it. I have just designed a pattern that I just know that your fabrics would be perfect for it. I tried to email you but it kept being returned. The pattern is on my top banner of my blog. Sorry for troubling you.

jaybird said...

i had a blast helping out at the show!! those two little ones were so much fun to talk to... you can never be too young to start loving fabric!

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your booth at quilt shows. I'm looking forward to seeing you at our quilt show (Glendale) in March! I can never leave your booth without buying something. =)

Bennett and Graves said...

Great to see you at Road this year! Kiera asked me "do you really think she remembered me?" Well, as one of the small-ish number of quilting kids I would say yes. Mulling over our new fabric acquisitions. Inspiration from the show has already resulted in a new quilt top.
Gayle and Kiera

natalie. beyond the reef said...! We want can post directly to our facebook fan page - look for beyond the reef and share your work!!