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Monday, February 15, 2010

Strips, Strings and Stash (oh my!)

Spring Cleaning.
Stash of Strings
Spring Stash of Strings
These are the strips that came in the mail that were sent from psiquilt...rachel.
You know.  bee beautiful.  Once a month - someone else's fabric, someone else's block, someone else's tutorial...

And THIS. (see below)
Well, this is the purging and sorting of my - well - stashspringcleaning.
NO, It did not go in the trash.  It went into a series of mailing boxes -
for charity sewing in Hawaii, for charity sewing on the Central Coast (of Cali),
 to Santa Fe, NM, to Weed, CA (my A-Team quilters)
and to a few other girlfriends here and there -
Boise, Santa Ana and the like.
Some were pieces of quilts that were made for others, and those pieces need to be with the quilt.
You know, scraps, left over binding, for repairs...something to remember for every quilt you gift to another...
Well.  Because.  You see.
When I received Rachel's beautiful package of fabrics,
assorted by color
I was inspired.
They were 'some of her very favorite fabrics'.
Entrusted to me (well, and 11 others, too!!!)
It made me feel, like, well, sort of GUILTY about how my fabric had been STASHED.
I couldn't find some of my own 'very favorite' fabrics or colors.

I had to sort.
I had to give up those frog prints, those doggie and kitty prints.
Those baby cowboy prints.

I highly recommend a reunion with your fabrics.
Keep that which you love, and know to be your favorites.
And give your other fabrics a chance to become someone else's favorites.
I received a stash box from Julie - Jaybird Quilts - and I love having those fabrics, knowing they came from her.
Finally, I had to practice making those string blocks before I started cutting on
Rachel's fabric.
I made just a few of my own. that I could FIND my very own 'very favorite fabrics' again...

Thank you, Rachel, for the inspiration.
Not only to sew,
but to be reunited with my fabric.




rachel griffith said...

true story:
a few months back i went through my WHOLE stash.

i boxed up ALL the fabrics i didn't "want" anymore & put them in flat rate boxes.
{to be secretly donated to some peeps that read my blog.}

i seperated my "keep" piles into their rightful homes.
{precuts, yardage, and scraps.}

then i took all my fav scraps and hacked them to bits and mailed them out to yall. {LOL.}

but i fell in ♥ with my stash again...just like you did.

i highly recommend everyone do it.
it's very, very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

每次心情跌到谷底,就對自己說:休息一下再重新開始吧 ....................................................

natalie. beyond the reef said...

谢谢参观我的站点和留下您周道的评论。 再请参观

Natalie replies:
Thank you for visiting my site, and for leaving your thoughtful comments. I hope you'll visit again.