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Sunday, March 21, 2010

California Spring

It really is spring in California.
Buddy and I took our first camp trip this weekend, and if you follow beyondthereef on facebook as a fan, you'll realize it was his very first camp trip.
When you live "in the city", getting out into the hills is a real treat.  
For just a few hours of driving, you are rewarded with a whole new set of flowers, scrub, birds, and people.  It's really a treat.  I would suggest being a tourist in your own state, if you have a chance.
For Buddy, it meant a tent, eating in the tent, watching prairie dogs and birds and squirrels and all sorts of things he could never ever catch.
For me, it is a whole new file of flowers and blooms to applique.
And while they may not be tropical, or Hawaiian, the shapes and the structure will lend themselves beautifully to that Hawaiian fabric.
I thot you'd like to see some of Buddy's camping pics.
And last but not least, I hope you can see it...
Buddy and a Prairie Dog
(I think.  Or maybe a really small gopher?  Look just 'lower of center' and above the clump of dirt to the right of Buddy's right elbow)

Good dog, Buddy.

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