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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How does your garden grow?

how does your garden grow?

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On facebook, today, we asked, "how do you start your garden?"
I have had a great time on the Central Coast
tending a garden
(while friends tend my tomatoes - and the house - at the beach)

I have planted seeds directly in the ground
I have planted seeds in flats, in my secret soil mix
I have planted cuttings
And I have planted runners

And I have learned

Mind you, I can make a quilt top of 45 squares 
each containing 54 pieces each square
but I just can't wait for the seeds to sprout.
I mean, shouldn't we be already eating the veggies?
I planted them a week and a half ago.
Isn't it time to grill the goods?!?

Okay, okay.
I do eat a handful of fresh strawberries every morning.
And for a late morning snack, I saunter over to the berries bush.
And in the afternoon, there are oranges.
Dinner will yield asparagus and artichokes as we speak.
So I shouldn't complain.

But I want warm peaches, nectarines...
I want radishes and spinach and kale and arugula
and zucchini and squash and garlic and corn
and carrots and cantaloupe
and I want the sage and leeks and chives and basil
that were planted in the giant barrels by the house.
I want it,
and I want it now.

(Buddy's paw next to sprouts, for some scale)

So what do you have going on in your life
that your quilting habits
could help you with?

And what is going on with your quilting
that your garden could
shed some light on?

How does your garden grow?
p a t i e n t l y



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Nicole Morris said...

Once a year I clean up my garden and replant everything and it takes until about the end of summer to start forgetting to water it. This year I planted some plumeria branches given to me by a friend. Every morning the sprouting leaves peek into my kitchen windows. Its very exciting, lol. Thanks for the giggles this morning. Nicole

jaybird said...

not very well! a green thumb is not one thing i have... BUT in the last 3 weeks i did keep all but one of my mom's plants alive!