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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color, color, color

I stayed longer than I had planned.
And what I found, when I did the wash, and hung it on the line to dry
was that I was a creature of habit.
Black yoga pants & a white cami.
Long sleeve tees (same cut, different colors)
Short sleeve tees (same cut, different colors)
A long sleeve tee - random, and why?  It was a girlfriend gift.
Oh, and one beautiful print teatowel that I use as an oversized napkin.
All in a day pack.

But then I looked again.

I love this color scheme!  (sure, look at the sky in this pic, imagine the clouds)
And of course - grey, my new black...
And then I went back a few sets in my photos, and realized I had done it again.

Which comes first?  
Are we creatives, driving our own forces of design?
Or are we a product of manufacturers' marketing?
Or are we influenced by our environment?
And why was I working in these beach glass colors?
I have been surrounding myself with them...
look at the color of the hills behind the line...that green...
When I put my wash on the line that day, I couldn't believe it.
I ran back to the studio to get the blocks and just had to take this pic.

Which comes first?
Or is it, simply put,
we are drawn to that which we love?
Color, fabrics, quilts...
places, animals
p e o p l e

So much has already been written on this account, that I won't quote it all.
The "do that which you love"
or the "have only that which you believe to be beautiful"
I would only say - - look around you.
What drives your creative force?
I'm headed out to look for some orange fabric.
Because I KNOW for a fact, I don't have one orange thing to wear!!!!!

Stretch your quilting muscles.



PS - have you seen the new shop?


momto2wasd said...

Well, I know that I find myself drawn to the same colors over and over again in sewing and for clothing--and they are the same colors--aqua blues and coral oranges. It surprises me that these colors don't show up in my home decor. Why would that be?

mascanlon said...

I am drawn to the same colors over and over, blue, green, neutrals but this year I have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, red, orange, yellow at least in fabrics...I still don't have an orange shirt!

Kathleen C. said...

I love this post about color! Thanks