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Friday, August 6, 2010

NY Cake West

There is something about being a tourist
in your own town
I had a good friend come and stay with me after the International Quilt Festival
She's the best kind of house guest - - she cooks, and bakes, and knits, and sews, and quilts, and weaves, and spins...
And she's the best kind of friend...I don't think I cooked the whole week!!
I wanted to go with her to the Getty, to MOCA, to the Disney Concert Hall, to Downtown...
She wanted to go to NYCakeWest
Okay, I thought.  Sure.
SantaMonica here we come.
And then I walked in...
You know that I always say you can tell a place by it's color.
Quilts from Japan?  A different color palette.
The quilt I saw at IQF from Korea?  Colors were different.
So, when I saw this WALL of color, well, I was a kid in a candy shop (no pun intended)
Then came shape.
...after shape, after shape, after shape...
In the modern quilt movement, we rely so much on this repetition
these simple shapes that allow the fabric to be the sprinkles on the cupcake
It was a fabulous day of inspiration, design, shape and color
Sorry, DisneyConcertHall.
Sorry MOCA
No offense to the designers of those fabulous buildings.
but wait
Do I see the Guggenheim in that last shot?
Could it be that we might have been right at the core of inspiration?

If you wanna be a tourist in your own town, invite a quilter to stay with you for the week.
You'll see the most interesting - oh, I mean, inspiring - places!
Next stop, DISNEYLAND!!!

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momto2wasd said...

Looks like a fun place!

Jeannette said...

wow I want to go there!

angela said...

Whoa - that place looks fabulous! I would blow my fabric budget on food color and candies.

mascanlon said...

Wow, I've added it to my list. The colors are all so dazzling! And I do enjoy seeing our town anew too.