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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for your comments - and during the holidays, too!

I appreciate all of the followers, readers, and comment-ers; thank you.

If you would send me a snail mail addy, I will send you the book!

Blogger jackiero said...

Before we were scattered across the US, via the military & going were the jobs were, we were blessed to have surrounding our Thanksgiving table a total of five marriages,and two grandkids. All of which made up four generations of family, all from my new husbands side. I loved all the conversations, especially listening to my new grandparents-in-law. How old you ask? This was Grandpa's last year, maybe 88yo, Grandma near this age, too. Dinner was the classic turkey meal, the highlight was how quickly they ate & cleaned up to play their tradional game of Sheephead cards. They played the old German style, hard to play by my eyes, I fell out on the first hand, Grandma won. It was wonderfully fun to watch and a great memory.




jackiero said...

I won :) WOW!! How wonderful!
I need to thank you Natalie, for your topic brought back this wonderful holiday memory that hadn't been in the forefront lately. Since my comment I've recalled this specific holiday often, sentimental tears seem to crowd my eyes.
I'm off to email you :)

jackiero said...

Hi Natalie :)
I just came fropm reading your story of the hand scrub, and all your beautifully wrapped gifts :) I enjoyed :)
I am your Nov. book winner (yeah!) and I wanted to make sure you received my mailing information.
I'm thankful you made it home safely. Here in NC we've already had snow and ice...just a few hours ago I couldn't unlock my car door, it had frozen up within 2 hours! Not our usual Dec. weather.
Take care, Jackie