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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Book Giveaway!

What a perfect book giveaway from Martingale & Company
 This book is 111 pages of nothing but projects and ideas, large and small.
 I am making this one, I don't care what any of you say.
Oh wait.  I have to get a copy of the book, don't I?
Because, if you leave a Thanksgiving tale
about the OLDEST person 
you have ever had at your Thanksgiving table,
and the random number generator
picks your number on the last day of November,
this incredible book will be yours.
More than 20 projects.
Now that'll keep you busy.
In her own words, here she is:

1.  Kim - your books all start "Simple".  Many of your every day followers know about this, but for new readers, why don't you tell us the meaning behind your titles?
  When I began thinking about my first book, I had several title ideas in mind, but decided that "Simple Blessings" was perfect.  It felt uncomplicated and homey.  That was the single best decision I made, because the word "simple" has lent itself to a whole series of quilting books! Personally, my favorite quilts and designs feature basic, tried-and-true blocks that have been loved by quilters for years -- I especially love quilts that look complicated and pack a "wow factor" at first glance, but are easy to stitch together and assemble when you break them down into their individual components.
2.  Your pictures are lovely - and I know you're from Idaho.  What would you say is your favorite spring Idaho bloom?  Have you used that bloom in any of your designs?
  In all honesty, I have no favorite...after making it through a snowy winter in Idaho, I love ANY bloom!  My flower beds are full of old-fashioned favorites like hollyhocks, snap dragons, roses, and daisies.  I've used many of these in my applique designs for my quilts -- sometimes they are recognizable, and sometimes I take artistic license and just please myself.
3.   Are you a quiet designer or a busy designer?  By that I mean, do you sit quietly and sketch, or do you pull fabrics, colors, inspiration and put on music?
  I think that I somehow manage to be a quiet designer AND a busy designer.  I use graph paper and a mechanical pencil to sketch my designs, and I treat myself to something on TV for a little background noise while I'm working...this is usually when I treat myself to one of the "guilty pleasure" shows that I secretly like.  I'm a little bit of a planner and I like starting with a finished sketch, but I always feel free to change things as I work through the project.  I did try spontaneous designing once, and seeing where the wind would blow me as I worked through the quilt, but I found myself lying awake at 3 a.m. wondering what my next step would be -- that's when I decided that surprise is highly overrated.  I decided to embrace the fact that spontaneity isn't my thing.
4.  The pictures in your new book Simple Graces, are lovely.  Would you say your home is decorated in a similar fashion?  Do you 'live' with your quilts?
  Oh, absolutely!  I love being surrounded by my quilts, and they are scattered, draped, and used throughout my fact, the photos for Simple Traditions and Simple Seasons were from my home. The trick is knowing how much is too much so that you can achieve a balance.  Really, I subscribe to the philosophy of "the more the merrier".  I think restraint is waaay overrated, and I would much rather use my quilts than pack them away somewhere and not be able to enjoy them.
5.  Who is the oldest (age wise) quilter you quilt with - that inspires you?
   Looking back to my childhood, I grew up with my grandma's hand pieced quilts on my bed, and I can see now that this is where my love of quilts really began.
6.  Who is the youngest (age wise) quilter you have quilted with, and how did they inspire you?
  My daughters both made their first quilts when they were in grade school, and it was so much fun for me to see their excitement as they learned all of the steps in making a quilt.  As a toddler, my youngest daughter would literally beg me to let her sit at the sewing machine and sew, but we had a rule that she had to wait until her feet could touch the pedal.  Believe me when I say that she checked daily!  Until that time she was finally tall enough, I would cut little squares of fabric for her and she would sit for hours with a needle and thread and sew "pockets".  Now that is a true love of quilting!
7.   What is your favorite 'lets go out to breakfast and chat' meal - or cafe?
  I probably don't have a favorite meal or cafe, but anyone who knows me, even in passing, will tell you that if I have a double-shot coconut mocha in my hand, I'm a happy girl.  For the days when I really want a little extra "oomph", I go all out and treat myself to a triple-shot.
8.   What do you think is the single most important tool for a new quilter to have?  (tool as in something that is very important to KNOW - not something to buy or own)
  Personally, I feel it's important to be fearless.  This may sound silly, but what I mean is that you can't be afraid to make a mistake...because what better way to learn?  If you try something and it doesn't turn out the way you expect it would, it's not so much a failure as it is one way not to do it -- you learn from the experience and the next time, you make adjustments.
9.  What is your earliest recollection of a quilt in your own life?
  Growing up, I loved to burrow under my grandma's quilts, and I would spend hours running my fingers over the seams and quilting stitches while drinking in all of the designs -- the textures, shapes, and patterns just fascinated me.  At the time, I only thought of these as my "blankets" and I had no idea as to the amount of work my grandma put into making them.  To this day, quilts give me the happiest feelings of contentment and comfort, and I make it a point to set aside some special alone time each night to read in bed under a quilt.
10.  Since this is a November giveaway, I just have to ask, what is your favorite Thanksgiving Turkey side dish?
  Ooh, it might be better to ask what side dish don't I love.  There's cornbread stuffing and gravy, potatoes and gravy, turkey and, I guess it would be gravy!

Thanks Kim, for sharing so much of yourself with us!

Remember, leave us a story about the OLDEST person at your Thanksgiving table.
And remember, it's a time to be thankful.
Be thankful for the simple graces in your own life.
I know I am.




natalie. beyond the reef said...

I will start. My 94 year old Uncle Hal arrived in Borrego Springs by way of a two seat-er tail dragger (cessna 170). He was lifted into the cockpit, and loved every minute of the flight over the chocolate hills and onto the floor of the desert. He enjoyed the flight, but not as much as he enjoyed sipping wine and 'mmmmm-ing' over a fully appointed Turkey Dinner...china, crystal and silver...served on the patio overlooking the desert last time.

SewCalGal said...

Natalie, what a great post. And I love your insight about your Uncle Hal. What fun!

Hymm. Not sure how to handle this one, as I'm really missing everyone "old" that I shared a Thanksgiving with previously. But I do remember the year my mother decided to BBQ a turkey and it caught on fire. I think we ended up having hamburgers for dinner that year! We all laughed about that cooking experience for many years.


PS - If anyone has a senior member they want to rent out, they are welcome to come to my home for Thanksgiving (or any holiday, or anytime).

Brenda said...

The oldest person to share our Thanksgiving table would probably be my husband's Aunt Junie. She was close to 100 when she passed away three years ago. Up until that time she made her own rolls and doughnuts to sell at the local store. She was a great cook. She made rolls and cookies for the holidays to share with her large family.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

The oldest person we ever had at our table was my hubbys Aunt, who is now 95 years old. She and I were shopping buddies, and because she never had any children, she kind of adopted ours. We spent many holidays together. She is now living in assisted living with a constant companion. But we still drop by to see her, and she always lights up when we come. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful giveaway :-)

SilkLover said...

I have been reading a few reviews on this book - all positive btw - and have already added it to my wish list. Winning a copy would be even better!

Tha oldest person I have shared Thanksgiving with would be my 89 year old father. This year, I think I will make them some lasagna since they just moved into a retirement home and cafeteria food does have it's (taste) limits.

Mimi said...

The oldest person at our Thanksgiving table was my father before he passes away at 74 years. All my other older relatives are across the country or out of the country!

Jake and Vicki Chase said...

My grandma. Her birthday was November 24th which meant that every now and then Thanksgiving would be on her birthday. But I can't say she was the oldest since every year she was turning 39, at least that's what she told us.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

My Grandparents were at our Thanksgiving table every year well into their 70's. Both are gone now but we had many, many happy years with them. My Grandfather always loved to pick at the turkey before (and after) it was carved. Grandma loved peas with the pearl onions in them.

Kathryn said...

Back when I was in my 20s and 30s and Thanksgiving was still held at my mom's house, her oldest sister, my Aunt Louise was the oldest at the table. She was the pie baker, that we still miss, and she said the best Thanksgiving grace before eating. Kathie L in Allentown

MoeWest said...

The oldest person at our Thanksgiving table would be my MIL, at 85, and still going strong. She loves to crochet.

Sandy said...

The oldest person at our Thanksgiving table is my Dad and he is only 63. Unfortunately we lost my Grandparents at very young ages. Thank you for the woderful post and for the opportunity to win a great book.

Mystica said...

Being in Asia there is no thanksgiving at all celebrated here but if I can be included in your giveaway I would be very appreciative!

Willa said...

My mom is 92 and will be at our table this year. Last year she was there too at 91.....

Catswhiskers said...

Lovely post...
My mom was the oldest person until she passed away... now I feel it is me!
It is a lovely tradition and living away from my homeland for almost half a century I have learned to appreciate and also be thankful for these celebrations which are so heart-warming. I truly am thankful for each day!

Anonymous said...

Loved your comment Natalie!
Our Aunt Marie+Aunt Esther joined us for our Thanksgiving dinners for years, in fact until they were 93! The are with The Lord now, but what sharp conversation+joy they gave to us for so many years!

Michele Hester said...

My husband's uncle will be the oldest at our table this year. He is so much fun to have around to hear stories of the family and our country almost a century ago!


Janet said...

I was just reading about this book and would love to win a copy!

My 85 year YOUNG mother-in-law will be the oldest person at our Thanksgiving table - she's a ball of fire! She still makes all the holiday pies, is very involved with her church and is an wonderful artist!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Lee said...

My father in law is the oldest at our Thanksgiving table - he is 83 and going strong. Eats more than the rest of us and is in better shape! He always has the best stories and jokes!
Happy Blessed Thanksgiving! Thanks for the lovely blog.

Marcia said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway. The oldest Thanksgiving visitor was 96 years young - Gentleman Jim. Jim passed at 98. His wife Marty turns 90 in December. We were fortunate to see her recently for a "Thanksgiving open house dinner" at a restaurant. Twelve of us celebrated Thanksgiving early.

Anonymous said...

Living in South-East Asia we do not always get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but this year some expats got together for a lovely turkey lunch and I was the oldest one at our table! Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely book!

jackiero said...

Before we were scattered across the US, via the military & going were the jobs were, we were blessed to have surrounding our Thanksgiving table a total of five marriages,and two grandkids. All of which made up four generations of family, all from my new husbands side. I loved all the conversations, especially listening to my new grandparents-in-law. How old you ask? This was Grandpa's last year, maybe 88yo, Grandma near this age, too. Dinner was the classic turkey meal, the highlight was how quickly they ate & cleaned up to play their tradional game of Sheephead cards. They played the old German style, hard to play by my eyes, I fell out on the first hand, Grandma won. It was wonderfully fun to watch and a great memory.

naej95 said...

Oh how I miss my Dad...tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of his passing. His last Thanksgiving was spent in a re-hab hospital for his back surgery. We took him all the food to the hospital, but it just wasn't the same. He was 81.
Connie F

Nancy Sue said...

The oldest at the table last year was the turkey. That was one tough old bird!!!

Seriously though, growing up we would always have Great grandma and great grandpa with us from Cleveland at the table. Although they were our "greats", we were so close to them, we thought they were our grandparents. Grandpa played baseball with Casey Stengal, so there was no lull in the conversations and stories. Hope you had a thankful Thanksgiving!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

Kathy H said...

The oldest person at our Thanksgiving table was my aunt who was in her early 90's. She wouldn't admit that but I know when she was born.

anne said...

I do not have a Thanksgiving dinner in Australia but once I was invited to a dinner with an 82 year old at a friends place who celebrates the day. Much fun, food and laughter. A very enjoyable time was had by all.

Patty said...

I think the oldest person had to be my father. He was the kindest person I have ever met. I never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. He was such an inspiration. This was the first Thanksgiving without him, and it was so hard.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Hi Everyone!
The comments for this giveaway are now closed.
Next post will announce the lucky winner!
Thanks again for following along.
December? A quilting Calendar!