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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happiest New Year


(I was inspired on a long airplane ride.
I hope you're inspired too.)

"It is never too late...let me say that differently.
It should never be too late to do what you believe you are destined to do.
To be.
It is not a function of age.
Age is a function of HOW you achieve it, but not whether you achieve it.
Lessons of history teach us
that great things have been started at many different ages.
Sam Walton started WalMart at age 44.
No, it's not enough to create it.
It's not enough to protect what you create.
You can't hide your light under a bushel - 
you must let the world know about it.
You must share it with the world.
Give it to them so they can give back to you - to the world.
Recently, I have seen some inspiring movies about overcoming adversity
AND about leadership.
History has taught us - proven to us -
that the impossible IS possible.
Greet the day, stand a little taller
and find your second wind.
You've only just begun,
and the best is yet to be!"

to you all.



jackiero said...

Wow Natalie, love your words! The type of words that remain back & slowly return to reopen the mind to new. Thank you :)

Jacque. said...

ohmygosh, Natalie! I just read this post and it hit me right between the eyes! It is exactly what I was thinking, though not in quite those eloquent words. Thank you!