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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knitting Socks...I knit!

It's true.
I knit.
You saw the February post about knitting...
I knit to keep my hands busy when I am done quilting.
I knit to let my mind wander.
The yarns, the colors, the textures take my creative mind
in directions my fabrics don't always take me.
I get to make a lot of great gifts for friends.
I knit so that my quilting brain can 'recharge'.
I knit.
But I'm really mind quilting!
I don't knit like Lisa or Kenna, tho.
I knit big chunky simple things.
h o w e v e r
 I am always willing to learn new things.
I am always willing to put in the time and effort to try something different.
So when I saw this Martingale & Company book
I thot - I'd like to try THAT!!!
I had to go to the local cottage knit shop and get size - sigh - 2 needles
and then I had to select but just ONE skein of sock yarn.
I had no idea sock yarn was designed to make patterns!
Overall, stripe, flame, fair isle, did I say stripe?
Well, I was sold.
 So, I got set up and opened the book.
This book really has the best instructions ever.  And great pictures.
I think I can DO this, if I can ever get past the mental block against the size - sigh - 2 needles...
Knit to Fit
with the tag line, 
"Start  at the toe - try on as you go!"
by Janet Rehfeldt

 is a very informative 62 page book
that is willing to teach you a whole lot about knitting, casting on, increases, patterns 
and more.
The first 29 pages are detailed and illustrated
to use on the ten different sock patterns
in the rest of the book.

Want to enter the giveaway
for this book?
I'll announce the giveaway winner

You may not see the completed socks, tho, 
before the winner is announced.
I may just finish my size 9 needle project first.

To enter the giveaway,
leave a comment about what you knit
and, as a quilter, why you knit.
It's as simple as that!



Paula said...

Hi! I knit mostly toys but I'd love to learn how to knit socks so this book would be a great help. Thanks for the chance!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Amanda said...

I am a new knitter. I have knitted hats and scarves. I would love to learn something new. I love quilting, but knitting provides a nice sit-in-the-chair activity. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I can only knit scarves so far. I've picked knitting back up because it was quick and easy projects. But I'd love to learn how to knit socks and hats!!! That is my goal :-)

Jan said...

I don't knit often, when I'm not quilting, I read, teach tai chi, or work at Barnes and Noble.

mascanlon said...

I only No purling! So I do little baby beanies for my new grandbabies (size 5) and I have an afghan about 1/3 done but its a reasonable size like 9 or so!

Bennett and Graves said...

My sister taught me to knit this January. I wanted something creative and portable. Since I became a quilter I'm not satisfied just sitting around. I love the socks, I'd love to learn that.

robin said...

Just as I'm a beginning quilter, I am a beginning quilter. I know how to do very basic knitting, but have only ever made a very simple sweater vest that needed no increasing or decreasing. Would love to learn more! It would be a nice diversion from sewing - kind of like "cross-training"! LOL

Lindsey F. said...

The sewing machine is set up in my studio (a.k.a. the dining room) so I knit when I'm in the family room with my husband or watching tv if I don't have a binding that I'm working on to finish up a quilt. I have knitted sweaters (mostly infant-sized), several afghans, hats mittens and scarves. Would love to try socks as I love working on small projects that finish up rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Gee! Natalie,I don't knit, but you make it look as if I could ???
I think I might try . . . Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

I knit everything..socks, sweaters, fair isle hats, purses..
I just started quilting and must say it was the colors that attracted me to quilting..fabric could be an obsession...

Debbie said...

I have only knitted a scarf so far and I crochet some. I would love to try socks.

Leslie said...

I knit socks. I don't have the patience to finish anything larger - or if I do have the patience, I guess I'm saving it to finish my quilts. The good thing about knitting is that once I've decided on the pattern and the yarn, there are no more decisions to make until they're done - unlike quilting, where every strip and square requires another decision - this color here ? brighter ? larger ?

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thanks to all of you that posted a comment.
The giveaway is now completed.
The lucky book winner is being posted now.