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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update:Knitting Socks

I thot you'd like an update.

I may finish one sock, I doubt I'll make two.
After all,
is in July
San Luis Obispo
Madonna Inn Conference Center
is in April



wackywoman said...

When in April. Do I need to take a road trip?

momto2wasd said...

Try and finish the second sock...wearing hand knitted wool sock is the best thing for feet ever! Just tuck the project in your bag and take it with you everywhere. That's a great thing about knitting socks--it's a good project to do even in a movie theater while waiting for the previews, etc.

mascanlon said...

Oh my, the Madonna Inn to boot. I really might have to talk someone into a road trip for Seven Sisters!

Nicole Morris said...

Mom has a trick to knitting two socks at once. She says it cures the 2nd sock procrastination. You'll have to get that tip from her. I love your yarn choice by the way.

Jane St. Pierre said...

As Nicole said, that's why I learned to make 2 at a time using a 36" cable needle. I have SERIOUS SSP! BTWay, I, too, love the yarn you are using... Cheers! It's sunny here....finally, yea!

Jane St. Pierre said...

I haven't tried the toe up method yet...I wonder if I can make the 2 at once work. I will have to try that one. BTWay, your Entrelac post got me interested, thanks for the post on that one.

Bennett and Graves said...

Are there THREE tiny knitting needles?!