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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Book Giveaway!

I'm a little late in announcing last week's 
book giveaway

there was this little matter of 
a pie baking cooking class with littleNatalie
and her mom
and did you notice?
we had a comment from
sri lanka!
thanks, Mystica
(her interests are quilting and working with children in orphanages!)
here we go!
back to the blog post to look for number 5
please email me your mailing addy

 as always, we are thankful to Martingale & Company for providing such lovely books
for our readers!
this week, we will be talking about 'Tis the Season, by Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks
this book is 79 pages of everything you could ever need
to turn your home into a winter holiday wonderland
there are pieced projects, applique projects, wool projects
honestly, these two did a lovely job on this book.
how many projects, you ask?
I counted thirteen!
pillows, table runners, wallhangings, quilts

so to get the comments started
here is my question to you
do you change your linens, quilts, quilted wallhangings
for the Holidays?
tell us what you do change in your home
to say



gill said...

Congratulations Janet!
I only change the hangings for Christmas in our living room! the rest are changed when the mood takes me!

Janet said...

Wow, I just went back to figure out who number 5 was and was so thrilled it was ME! (I was chanting "make it me, make it me"). Then came back here and saw Gill's post!

I just taught a co-worker to knit yesterday, and once she gets a little more comfortable with the knit/purl rhythm, I'm going to show her this book and get her started on one of these.

Thanks, Natalie! Can I enter on the Tis a Season as well? I've had my eye on that book.

SewLindaAnn said...

I do actually change things out for the seasons. It feels fun to have Christmasy and winter themed linens and table toppers around in the colder days and summery flowers on nicer days.

Dana Gaffney said...

I change my wall hangings for the different holidays. I'm working on having one for every holiday. Otherwise they change with seasons or moods.

Carla G said...

I'm just getting into quilting so would like to make wall hanging for each season so I can change them. But I have to make them first! :)