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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Martingale & Company Book Giveaway

Book Giveaway
thank you
this is a book I really don't want to give away
not that I really want to part with any of the titles
but this is a really versatile book
and has a ton of projects that I would make for friends, for presents
caps, gloves, satchels, cuffs
yes, I do seem to always have something on the needles
don't many of you knit as well as quilt?
if you are new to knitting, this would be a good book for you
it has single, small, achievable projects
and the book starts with all of the basics and all of the abbreviations you will need to succeed
(look at how cute these gloves are!!)
there are even a few jewelry projects, which I for one, have not attempted (yet)

so, of course, I have to ask
please, become an official follower of the blog
we'd like you to like us on facebook
(you could even invite a friend to become a follower!  that would be grand!)
and leave an answer to the question:

when do you knit?
how do you split your time between knitting and quilting?

thank you again to
Martingale & Company
for the books for the giveaways
and thanks to you for stopping by to leave a comment
you know, I always say
we're only as good as our followers, our customers, our quilt show visitors



robin said...

I don't knit much yet. Would LOVE to learn how to knit something besides lopsided swatches! :) Thanks for the chance. I follow the blog and like you on FB.

Diann said...

I'm much more of a quilter than a knitter, but I have made a number of small knitting projects. I hope I will get better at it with more experience.

Lee said...

I have knitted a few items but mostly sew/quilt. I would love to do some more knitting! thanks for the book review and giveaway!

Linda said...


FrancisMoore said...

I quilt now, but I have knitted in the past. I also crochet. Recently I made 19 scarves to give to the volunteers in the Super Bowl held in my city of Indianapolis. I want to take up knitting again soon.

Deb said...

I don't knit...yet...though I've threatened to start many a time. If I did, then knitting would be 'family time' because quilting mostly takes me off into a room away from the TV!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Fiz só croche dos 12 aos 28.Pulei para o tricô,e não parei mais,tenho sempre alguma peça nas agulhas.Quanto a fazer...Tem dias eu pego firme até acabar uma peça,outros enquanto não encho as agulhas não sossego.mas raramente fico uma semana sem.Sigo você aqui,não tenho FACE infelizmente.Obrigada.Beijo.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

The last comment mentioned that they had crocheted from 12 to 28, switched to knitting and now only knits. I believe the next comment indicated there are some days they knit non stop and other days the needles just sit. They also said they follow beyond the reef here on the blog, and are not on facebook. They added a thanks, and kisses.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Muito obrigado por nos acompanharem aqui! Tentei crochê bem, mas como você, desfrute tricô mais. Mais uma vez obrigado pela vossa visita. Isto é Português - de onde você é? - Natalie.