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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Giveaway Winner!

Book Giveaway
(I know, it's not Wednesday....)
we have a winner - Robin!
thanks for stopping by - please email me your postal addy
I am so thankful to all of you that leave comments, that follow along
for the lovely books that they provide for the giveaways.

I am sorry - I know we talked about announcing the winners on Wednesday
and posting a new book on Sunday, but I had a bit of a 
this week

the week started out wonderfully.
I got the machines out, and serviced each and every one of them, put new needles in,
and got great new 3 ply Superior Thread wound in the bobbins.
(how many of you use MasterPiece?)
(yes, I do love my old metal machines)
I made my famous Green Curry Zucchini/Soup and a lovely salad w/Apple Pears...
and had the girls over to help with some sewing I wanted to get done
I fed them, and cut the fabrics while they stitched away
(don't you love this Hoffman California Fabrics batik?!?)
 but the next morning, well, it happened
while cutting the second quilt that I wanted to sew
I left the rotary cutter
banging right into the blade
so I apologize for missing wednesday's deadline

it bears a quick discussion here
quilting is actually a dangerous sport
(okay, it's not sky diving or race car driving or ocean paddling, but...)

we have pins, really sharp scissors, rotary cutters, threads, machines with sharp needles
threaded needles
and all sorts of doo-dads that can be stepped on, run into, swallowed or worse
do as I say, not as I do
please, practice safe quilting out there; slow down; enjoy the process; pick up the threads
use the magnetic wand around and under your work area
and keep a big roll of 3" painters tape handy to pick up those little threads
do it for the dogs, cats, kids, barefoot husband
in your home
on another note, I wanted to give you another
(project sneak peek)
and thread credits to Superior and Mettler
(so far)

it's going to be another busy week
for all of us
so, pop on over to the facebook page and drop everyone a quick note
and I will post a new




robin said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And I hope your finger heals quickly! Ouch!

mascanlon said...

Loving those batiks, not often my go to fabric but those colors are wonderful. Hope your finger is feeling better. ...looks sore!