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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Gift of Love - Quilting Style!

a fabulous email
a gift of love

every once in a while, not often enough for me, I must say....
I hear from one of our followers, our friends, our virtual on line quilt friends

this time I asked, "may I share this with our readers?"

as a follow up, she wrote, 

"I would be completely Honored if you posted it on the blog! 
The funny thing is that originally all the blocks with color were going to be together. It was rather overpowering, to say the least.  So I went with the sashing which really gave you a view of each block. And made it Not look like a fruit salad. :0)
Credit the 14 year old with the little blue squares at the corners. At first I wanted to be lazy and not  use them but once I did one I knew it made it perfect.
Of course please be sure to include Tomi as my long arm quilter. She is completely amazing and does the best work and, of course, accepts shipments to her in Victorville."

I've been meaning to send pictures of the Beyond the Reef quilt I made at Xmas.  I apologize if the pics are difficult, I'm pretty lazy and not very adept at resizing files.  The close up shows the wonderful work of my long arm quilter Tomi Guapo at
This quilt was a special gift to the babysitter/house cleaner that works for my son and his family in Sofia Bulgaria.  She, apparently, loves the quilts they have and told my daughter in law that if she ever wanted to give her a gift before they left that she would love to have a quilt. Who can resist a desire that that?  The sitter is in her twenties and is a fun and adventurous girl that toured Italy on a motorcycle with her boyfriend on vacation last year. My son explained that a quilt for her ought to be bold and exciting and not sedate at all.  I sent pictures of the fabrics, that I bought at Road.  They were enthusiastically approved.
It is definite that my son and his family will move on from his assignment in Bulgaria as an administrator for the Peace Corp program in that part of the world, and their quilts will continue to travel with them.  But one Beyond the Reef inspired design has a permanent home there."
-an avid beyond the reef follower

while we don't have many official followers, 
our statistics say we have readers in just about every country in the world!

so, thank you to our loyal follower, "G"
the story is lovely, the sentiment, grand
and we are happy to have a little part of beyond the reef bringing joy

Happy Easter
Happy Spring
oh, happy days.


PS - we will post the Martingale & Company giveaway later tonite; go enjoy the holiday!

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Lisa Lisa said...

What a beautiful quilt! Sounds like it will match her personality perfectly :)