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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Market, Market, Market Part Two


it seems that only at a "Market"
can you start with this empty space
and end up with sparkling white carpet
only at Market can you see Amy and David Butler
pushing their own carts up the ramp to the cc
(but of course!)
or walk by a half completed Amy Butler booth
my favorite part of the completed booth was the table with

and of course, Alexander Henry won an award
for this booth sculpture
I do think, however, my favorite part of Market
was seeing the Madison Cottage Design quilt
beyond the reef fabric bundles for this quilt still available
in the Marcia Derse booth!!!!
 it was great to see the denyse schmidt booth too
I loved that design wall!!!!

the other person I thot did a tremendous job
...if you like her butterflies
we do have a pattern for that.....
Madison Cottage Design
had a booth in which everything seemed to 
float on a sea of black
(look for the pattern "Sugar" at the beyond the reef booth at Quilt Festival, Long Beach)
 sarah jane won best booth for creativity
we ordered a few of her prints
out to sea
 and one of my favorite ads right now
valori wells
(more butterflies - we have a pattern for that!)
 but I must say the most fun I had was in the
beyond the reef
it was 50 s.f. of a
teenagers room after a day of surfing and homework
complete with candy on the bed
and clothes on the floor
by now, I think you see, for me, it's about the people
the soul and sweat and love
they put into everything they do
not just the 'next' thing they do
but where they are in that very moment

not what.

not next.
but now.



mascanlon said...

All the creativity in one place, I am swooning. I read AMH's post just a minute before yours, her booth is especially amazing when you realize she had it all planned around photo copies of he fabrics and tiny strikeoffs because she didn't think her fabric was going to arrive.
And i love your booth, looking forward to seeing those butterflies in July at LB show.

Penny said...

Natalie ~
As a wanna be market attendee & an admitted fabriholic I have enjoyed seeing pics & reading reports of spring quilt market from so many the last couple of wks. But I must say I have truly enjoyed your very unique & so refreshing "view" (pics & descriptions)& what you liked. Thanks for sharing!!

Auntie Pami said...

Hi Natalie, Thank you for introducing me to Kenna's work. I love her stuff!