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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Market, Market, Market!

What IS it about MARKET???
(part 1 of 2)
 I don't care what people on the plane think of me as I snap pic after pic.
I think it is amazing that we can float above our world for however long of a time.
It brings perspective.
Wonder and Awe.
It is magic.
And before you know it, you're in a whole other world.
 This year's Spring Market was in Kansas City, Missouri.
You know. The home of the Royals.  The Star.
And BBQ.
Not that any of us thought for a moment that we would experience any of it....
After all, there was shopping to be done for the last minute booth preparations.
And meetings to be confirmed.
There was a schedule that said we had to be up before 5am and meetings that would keep us busy
until 11pm.
After all, it was Spring Market!
There was a Modern Quilt Guild Meet Up!
There were fabric company parties.
There was Sample Spree to attend!
 But a girl has got to eat, doesn't she?
We gotta drive from point A to point B, don't we?
 I had the great pleasure of staying with two other teams, one of which came in to town early.
After a little shopping for more booth bling, I said, "I want to do something CULTURAL".
So Rose searched out the Arts District and we were headed for adventure.
 While I know it took all of us a little extra effort to be ready to go to Market a few days early,
it was nice to have the preparations, the new quilts, the fabric companies, the patterns, the packing
behind us
to be able to just soak in a little local color
and enjoy a peaceful afternoon meal
(with some great wines and even better Lidia's food)
The contrast in Architecture and History was a delight for us all
The Galleries that Rose found for our tour of the Arts District were just great.
what a great day to have some outside input after being so focused for so long
the tour of the district included one more great surprise

 As the story goes, the Owner, while attending art school, started collecting old printing press
And an idea was re-born.
Many of their designs can be found in your favorite high end boutique.
 I know, I know, you wanted to hear all about Market.
About the trends, the new fabrics, 
the people that design the new fabrics.
The colors.
The booth designs.
And what you could expect to find in the new quilt shops.
 But I just had to share a little inspiration.
A little color, pattern, design, scale.
And I thot I would set the stage for Part Two of the Market Update.

Because, after all, most of the people in the Convention Center
Most of the people at Market
were designers.
of fabric. of patterns. of content.

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!


mascanlon said...

Sounds like the perfect start to busy schedule Natalie. I love KC, it's so different than you think the Midwest is going to be ....but then so Midwest!

Rose Hughes said...

It was the perfect beginning to the wilds found behind the convention center doors... thanks for the wonderful telling.

jackiero said...

I always enjoy your left-turn views of the same world others write about Natalie! Loved your exploring & sharing of Kansas City.