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Saturday, August 25, 2012

dearSTELLA fabric giveaway

we're having another fabric giveaway

but first...
my latest smoothie recipe
someone has got to calculate the calories for me tho
because I'm sure I'm having a 2,800 calorie smoothie every morning.....
 one banana, frozen or not, after giving the dog about one inch of banana
(he loves bananas)
five frozen strawberries - the costco big frozen bag kind of strawberries
one large tablespoon almond butter
two large tablespoons of fage all natural non fat greek strained yogurt
and the rest of the spoon for the dog
(he loves plain yogurt too)
half teaspoon of turmeric, teaspoon of cardamom
tablespoon of flax seed
serving of Amazing Grass Green Superfood
serving of Amazing Grass Amazing Meal (I like Vanilla Chai infusion)
water and ice cubes
oh, yes.....and a large handful of spinach
(makes three generous servings)

take a moment to post your best guess calorie count

we're still enjoying the dog days of summer
with a great giveaway series
dearSTELLA sent us some wonderful quilting cottons
and we have been giving them away to you, our loyal followers 
this fabric is "It's a Shore Thing"
and this is going to be our next giveaway's a whole lot of beach chairs, sand dollars, and sunglasses
it's a stunning bundle
I also want to ask you all to go to the beyond the reef facebook business page and "Like" the page
(no liking a gotta like the page)
and remember, you have to be a blog follower to be 'entered' for the giveaway

don't you wonder why there are bloggers that ask you to follow along?
just like getting good greens and flax seed and turmeric and spinach
to stay healthy
we have to keep our "numbers" healthy too
part of that depends on us - on giveaways and interesting posts
and part of that depends on you - having you follow or like or pin or comment
on the content we bring you
it says to our industry that we're 'healthy'
there you have it
(probably more than you ever wanted to know about 'quilters in the industry')

we have some housekeeping
we have not been contacted yet by our urbanCountry Quilts book winner
we need a note from you with your mailing addy
if we don't hear from you by this Sunday, we will select another name

and the winner of the last giveaway was noted on our facebook page
post numbers four and thirty five
on the Road to California faculty interview post
please email me your mailing addy and I will send you each a bundle
of dearStella fabrics - Petal Pusher or Marea
thank you so much for the comments, all of you!!

that's about it
some housekeeping
and a little something to keep us all healthy

happiest dog days of summer

(we'll announce the random number generator selection for this bundle on Tuesday morning)


scottylover said...

Haven't the foggiest idea on calories! If I have to guess, I'd say more than 1 and less than 10,000. :)

I already "like" the FB page, too!
Thanks for all the fun give aways!
Sandy A

mascanlon said...

I like the FB page too! And I am just dropping in to say Hi today. and keep your numbers healthy too!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

I am going to shoot for about 450 calories for the lot. I did look up the calories for the supplements you used. :)
And I like the FB page already as well.

quiltzyx said...

Just to make it easier, I counted 5 strawberries as 1 cup, and adding up all the other ingredients, I came up with 288 calories for the whole blenderful. That would be about 96 calories per serving - not bad!
I'm a follower here & on f'book already. Thanks for the chance, I love "It's a Shore Thing"!

Deb said...

No idea on the smoothies, but I follow you here and on FB.

ledamewood said...

My guess is about 300 calories. I love these fabrics, and I like you on FB.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Sou uma simples seguidora brasileira e não tenho FB,sinto pouco por isso,mas gostaria de ganhar estes lindos

Janet said...

I was at 260 without the "Amazing" stuff, so I'd say 390 with. For all 3 servings.

Love it's a shore thing! And already like you on FB.

Lee said...

Wow - the smoothie looks yummy and I would say 305 cals? I follow the blog but I do not do facebook. Thanks!

Ann Michelle said...

It's a shore thing is great stuf! Thanks for the give away! I'm "shore" your calories are less than 2800. :)

Ann Michelle said...

I now have liked your FB page... sorry about your CC# being stolen. :(

wanda said...

My guess is 340 for calories. Love the drawing and I am a member of your blog, etc thanks

wanda said...

I tried to find out how won and hasnt replied but I went on FB site and couldnt find it. I know you gave two nos where you blogged, but I am real stupid I couldnt figure it out. I just go back to the day of drawing and clock on posting, could you tell me what the numbers are for, sorry I am confussed about it. Thanks '

Deanna said...

I'm just going to guess 380 calories....I already like you blog and facebook this fabric bundle....oh the possibilities!

Judy R. said...

best guess calorie count: 415. Looks like a pretty healthy smoothie to me. I do like you on FB & am more than happy to contribute to healthy numbers here! :)

Linda said...



jackiero said...

You always illuminate my day when I see your blog post in my email :-) I chuckled when I read your dog loves banana (my two come running @ the sound of the peel opening up) and yogurt ( they know the sound of the lid being removed) I must ask forgiveness.....I left FB last year & shant return. Tho I am saddened to miss this corner of your personality. Your smoothie sounds yummy and looks lowish in calories, I believe the most caloric item is the yogurt. Take care NB :-D

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I follow your blog and like you over on facebook. Your smoothie sounds yummy.

Marcia W. said...

I already follow your blog and we liked you on FB (marcia and margaret). Unfortunately McAfee pushed down software updates this weekend so I no longer can go to FB until get it fixed... so cannot check if we won:((.
p.s. My mother is cutting her green fabrics for the Field Greens quilt pattern you sent for her birthday.

The Amateur Quilter (Mike Pearson) said...

I will say it's about 420 calories :) am I right?

Heather A said...

I may not be eligible because I don't do Facebook, but I am a loyal follower here.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Okay, it's not Tuesday morning, but it's still Tuesday - the giveaway is closed, now. I'll post the winner next. Thanks, everyone for all of your wonderful comments!

Devon said...

Bananas are calorically dense... but they're good for you! So who cares about the calories! I'm a follower here and FB! Thanks!