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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

d u c k !!!!!

today, I saved the lives of two ducks
(not exactly a binding tutorial post)

(not actual ducks involved in incident)

I was chatting with Rose Hughes
on the phone
and happened to see two ducks in the center of

yes, that is six lanes across, two more turn lanes

(grab tissue here)
I noticed the girl duck was hit, and the boy duck
was valiantly trying to pick her up
or get her to get up
but he absolutely would not leave her there

so being the good animal lover I am
I hung up on Rose
I pulled an illegal U Turn in the middle of the 
highway across two sets of double double yellow lines
and close to the intersection

I pulled in to the veterinary office 
across the street from the incident
(bless their hearts)
they had to help me at least get the ducks
even if they wouldn't treat the injured duck

and in walked a woman, shaken, saying,
"it's me, I did it.  I hit the ducks...."
so she and her friend
and the vet tech
and natalie

proceeded to walk out towards the ducks
well, I told them to circle them 
while I stopped traffic
six lanes, busses, trucks, and cars
s t o p p e d

the tech scooped up the injured girl duck
but the boy duck would have no part of being rescued
he could walk, and fly, and started circling around us
as we were carrying his partner
to the vet's office

the vet said they didn't treat birds or wildlife
but I knew
treat wildlife
so the girls took the duck
(in a box)
with her little head 
poking out of the towel and the box
her soft brown eyes looking at each of us
with thanks

and I called the Animal Hospital
(Buddy's vet)
to let them know that the girl duck should be returned
to her pond on pch
so that her loving boy duck partner
would find her
once again

true story.


"Whatever you can do or dream you can do,
begin it
Boldness has genius power and magic in it."


mascanlon said...

Kindness and concern always matters my friend! You are the best. And I hope the girl duck gets back to her pond quickly and in good health.

Lynn Douglass said...

Good for you! I'd have probably done the same thing. We be just that crazy! ;-)

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

You rock!

thepiececorps said...


Dana Gaffney said...

You are awesome!

goecker said...

Oh My, hope she makes it - glad none of you folks were hurt

jackiero said...

Wow, ya'll are so awesome. Grateful all girls made it safely across the highway. And praying for Ms. Duck making it. Take care dear N.

late4game said...

My hero, Natalie.