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Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Back in the day....."

this is a completely random post
(forgive me, have I shown these to you before?)

I had the great privilege of seeing a lovely collection
of clothing

a friend's mother
was a collector of fine fashion

the details
the fabrics
the lines of the designs
the little things, like the Chanel chain
(how many of you know that story?)

maybe it is just my background in architectural and interior design
the sculptural lines
but I love them all
not for the name dropping appeal
altho there certainly is that
but for the
commitment to excellence

not just in the designs of the garments
but for her mother
who held these standards
in her everyday life

when I am designing quilts, this all reminds me
to take time with the details
and to work with great lines
to have contrast and comparison in fabrics
and to strive for a commitment to excellence

just seeing this collection has made a difference in my work

there is a part two to this post
want to hear about the best lesson, yet?
we'll finish our story on Mother's Day


1 comment:

mascanlon said...

Love these photos Natalie. My Mom was a superb amateur seamstress. Noone in her office guessed she made her own cloths, everything from suits to winter coats. I remember she even made her own pressing ham following directions from the Vogue Sewing book.