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Saturday, April 20, 2013

What's in a NAME??? contest!

we're having a contest

everyone knows I love bags
all types, all textures, all shapes
of bags
cmmon, you know I am not alone here, with this one
you all like bags
it's a nesting thing, I am sure of it

I have designed big beach bag
(hey, that sounds pretty good....beyondthereef big. beach. bag.)
and a beach blanket, or if you will, a picnic blanket
that fits in the bag, of course!!

but I need a name for the project

so I thot I would hold a contest here and on facebook
(yes, we have a facebook beyond the reef "likes" page)

submit your suggested big beach bag name in the comments
for our consideration
and if your name is chosen
you will receive a free copy of the pattern!
(designer reserves the right not to use any of the names, 
and if a name is selected, the chosen namer relinquishes to beyond the reef all rights to name)
the small print.



ps - how many of you remember the honolulu bag?  or the hanalei market tote?


quiltzyx said...

I like The Big Kahuna Bag - but don't count me in the contest as I read that on the F'book page! That's just my favorite. (My sleep-deprived brain can't think of anything else)

Jodi said...

The Big Island Bag(A play on Big Bags and The Big Island of Hawaii)

Nicci P said...

How about the Nui Nui bag (big, big in hawaiian)?

Nita said...

When the 18-piece swing band I played in couldn't decide on a name, we ended up calling it The BIG Band (spelled just like that) so you could call your bag The BIG Bag.

Beth said...

How about The Bahama Mama bag? Because mamas often carry a lot of stuff...

Pauline said...

Nuiloa Bag (big, big bag)

Megan Daley said...

Kawele (towel) Tote

Cecilia said...

The the Aloha Bag.

Deanie said...

I think "Just Bag It" says it all! Plenty of room for almost anything. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a "Surf n Sun Satchel"!,

natalie. beyond the reef said...

I have made a decision about a name. I will write up the post now...about the name, and about the pattern giveaway!