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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Savour the moment!

we should take our time more often than not

breathe in/breathe out
Quilt in a Day Irish Chain
(linen and westminster fibers bundle available on the beyond the reef shop site)

someone asked me the other day, 
"do you have the time to do this?!??"

and I thought to myself, 
"if I don't have time for my own life....well...."
I'm not suggesting we shirk our responsibilities

while making a new quilt for a new pattern, (not the one shown above)
I realized 
it is so much nicer to sit peacefully and sew little pieces together
than to "fast quick easy strip piece cut apart and all the rest"
those little pieces
(there's a time and a place for that, too, don't get me wrong, now)

just for today, just now, just this one moment
sit with your fabrics
choose each color carefully
enjoy the true genius of your sewing machine's capabilities

we are all running through our daily lives
let's at least savour the moments that we have while we are quilting
when was the last time you hand quilted anything?!?
you know, 'rocked the needle'???
set aside just one project....just one....for some hand quilting

so I made a decision
this new pattern is not going to have fast pieced quick strips slam it together
my apologies in advance

let's just hope you like it, regardless



ps - I will give you a sneak peek at the projects before they "go to market"


mascanlon said...

As you said a time for both. I am making a Giger Monkey's Hexagon quilt, it may take me But I am so enjoying the hand sewing and cutting each flower, some even fussy cut! And on the other hand I just started a quick strip pieced quilt for a granddaughter and I'll send that off to be machine quilted, she'll love it and it will be done will she is still a teenager who loves animal prints.
Love both the quilts your showing pieces of Natalie, have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Wonderful!! I have found myself caught up in the quantity quilt race which, I found, took the fun out of quilting. I had to reassess why I quilt? for me? or for my blog? I realized there is a time and place for everything, like when I read a book. Do I feel at that moment reading a young adult novel I can whip through quickly or a more descriptive book that will take time to read? Therefore, I have quick strip piecing when I want to race thru a project; EPP for calming, quiet hand sewing; complicated piecing that involves careful thinking about placement; a MQG challenge to meet deadlines; bees to learn something while doing for others; and a crochet project just to switch it up. Thank you for a great post!

Nita said...

I have a project that I have been working on for nearly 2 years...a hand appliqued orange peel quilt. I keep it in a shoe box. It is my quiet time project. That and knitting.