MAKERS HOME fabrics by Natalie Barnes from WINDHAM FABRICS

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all....

 it is.
it is my very favorite holiday.
 you need not do anything, but be thankful
what a great day
focus on what you have, and how much you appreciate it
just one day
let the rest fall away
and just take this one day to celebrate 'thankful'
 no gifts to shop for, or wrap
no fuss, no muss
if you must bring someone something, it is probably something from your kitchen
that you made yourself
a gift from the heart
or the heart of the home
 in my case, I am thankful for
beyond the reef
and for each and every one of you
set your best table today
whatever that may be

and surround yourself with those that you love
and those that love you

and enjoy the day


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