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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Countdown to Christmas!


Countdown to Christmas.
December 25
Santa. the tree. the chimney. the.whole.thing.

it truly is a time of giving and quilters give a tremendous amount
of themselves
so who wouldn't want a little something in return?
who wouldn't want to see bolts of Marcia Derse under the tree
or a little dearStella white with grey dot
or some Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi giant print for backing?

who wouldn't want a beyond the reef pattern for kahakai or tiki temple?

so as a way to say thank you all for your support
the whole year long

we are having a giveaway

"Countdown to Christmas"

leave us a comment
tell us a story about someone giving during the holidays
spread the cheer
let someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store
post your favorite cookie recipe
on our facebook or instagram or pinterest pages

become a beyond the reef
blog or facebook page follower
just stop by to say hello

we'll post again tomorrow morning
and select a recipient
for our first gift

and we'll keep posting until
Santa's special event
Christmas Eve!

thank you
we appreciate each and every one of you


ps - there is still time to do some online shopping


scottylover said...

Last year, hubby "surprised" a friend by leaving an artificial tree with one ornament on it (a la Charlie Brown)without a gift tag. His friend still doesn't know who left it there! We are now trying to figure out what to do this year!

Sandy A

Auntie Pami said...

This year is a bust for us. But, we have our new house together and we will decorate next year. Found my mixer and will commence baking. Got to visit the new neighbors.

Janet M said...

Since I am retired my favorite 'gift' to a young mother or a hurried working person on their lunch hour is to give them my place in line at the grocery store.

Lee said...

My family and I do a secret santa to someone every year. This year its a family whose both parents had been out of a job for at least 2 years and need help. We leave on the porch w/ a happy holiday note (anonymous) and are done!

mascanlon said...

Been the year of small unexpected kindness. Giving up my place in line to someone else, paying for the person behind me at the drive thru , doubling tipping in the small restaurants......trying to make someone else's day.

Diana said...

I am retired so have time, I also enjoy to people watch so I will let others in front od me especially if they look like they are in a hurry or have a small child.
I am now baking cookies, love the smell of the house. Thanks for the giveaway.

carolann said...

I am finishing up two quilts and two tote bags as Christmas gifts this year. I am supporting several very worthy animal charities this year and also starting to make some pet beds for shelter animals.

babs said...

I am making wine totes and hostess totes to take to friends with Christmas goodies. I told a friend that I would save my dish coupons from the grocery store for her, but to surprise her I am using the coupons to buy her dishes for Christmas. I let people go in front of me at every store I shop in. Leaving generous tips at restaurants. Just now finishing a "flat house" (paper dolls) for a little friend whose mother is a single mom. Trying to help this family in anyway I can---dinners, playdates, clothes, free sewing lessons.

Carrie P. said...

This year I made 2 quilts and a table runner for a very special couple in our church.
In the past I have paid it forward by paying for the person's food in a drive thru.
Merry Christmas!

Robin Walston said...

This year I participated in "A year of Thankfulness" by making gifts for several people who I normally would not gift. It has been interesting trying to come up with a useful and special gift.

Cecilia said...

I enjoy making quilts for the NICU and Project Linus all year long. Merry Christmas!

Kenna said...

I work with a woman (and have for years) who is going through dialysis twice a month. I was making a flannel quilt for my daughter and she commented on how soft and warm it was and how much she'd enjoy one for treatments. I made the quilt that was originally for my daughter larger and I'm going to give it to her next week, just as soon as it's washed.
Despite having to go to dialysis for 3 hours two days a week she's happy, she's positive, she does a gerat job and I've never heard her complain. She's an inspiration to me every single day.

natalie. beyond the reef said...



Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful neighbor who I am making a quilt for. My hubby is laid up after a knee replacement last week and my neighbor has helped me shovel the driveway twice already. In the summer he helps us mow. We have a hugh yard.
paweis at yahoo dot com