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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Countdown to Christmas giveaway

are you still with us?
have you grown tired of being appreciated?
tell a friend!!

it's still
Countdown to Christmas

 I couldn't just pick just one person
so I will send ALL of you that posted on our last post
our two new patterns
Fall Market
I believe Gill is in the UK, so if I may, I will send you pdf files?
please, send your snail mail addy to the email below
and, oh,

just in case you were wondering

we still have Thursday thru Monday
of our own
gift giving
right here

so please, tell a friend

leave us a cookie recipe on facebook or pinterest or instagram
leave us a comment here on the blog
and tell us
what is your all time best gift

(we have some more tutorials coming up this weekend)



DeborahGun said...

the best gift I have given was a quilt to my boys godmother. they drew pictures and embroidered them and then I made it into a mini quilt :-)

Janet said...

A quilt, of course! A total surprise and that was so fun!

mascanlon said...

My best gift was Family Cookbooks for my 3 adult kids even my sn loved it.. And I did all the recipes in my handwriting not typed and printed. My favorite recipe is a handwritten Christmas cookie recipe from my Grandmother with a 2nd copy written by my daughter 40 yrs later...both splattered and so loved.

Gill said...

Thanks Natalie!!
My best gift given was the first quilt I made - I gave it to my Mum! She used it till the end of her life and now it's back here with me, full of so many happy memories.

Lee said...

The first quilt I ever made I gave to my Mother in law for Christmas the first year I was married. A Log cabin quilt (did not know that was my MILs favorite pattern!) She still uses it and loves it! Warms my heart thinking how she loves it - I have been married to her wonderful son for 30 years. Thank you!

Sowing Stitches said...

My dad died in early December several years ago and that year I managed to make my sisters, mom and myself each a quilt for Christmas using fabrics from my dad's work shirts and his blue jeans. I must have had legions of angels helping me as I look back there is no other possible way I could have made 4 complete quilts from start to finish in that amount of time.

Cecilia said...

The best gift I gave was a cordless drill to my husband. It was the first and last (so far) present I have given him that was a complete surprise and that was 16 years ago. Thank you for the questions that bring back good memories.

Bennett and Graves said...

Not wanting to be to corny, or appear to be sucking up, but since I started quilting eight years ago they have by far been my best gifts given. Best of best: Several years ago I gave my friend (and hairdresser) Laura a quilt for her first grandson and my calm, even tempered, never frazzled, pal Burst Into Tears. I was showing her the quilt, she was admiring it and asked "who's it for?" and I said "well Deegan!". Instant tears. Ok, after that it had to be diamond earrings for my daughter's college graduation.

Carrie P. said...

My husbands surfs so I had one of the photos taken of him and had it made into a black and white oil painting, of sorts. It is hard to describe but I loved it and he was totally surprised.

carolann said...

I donated a dog house this year to a shelter in KY as they have about 70 dogs outside in very cold weather. Very sad situation.

natalie. beyond the reef said...