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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Countdown to Christmas - there's still time...

Carol, aka Beulah
is today's giveaway gift recipient!

your comments have been wonderful
the building of dog houses
the making of quilts
the inspiration

I, for one, am thrilled
to hear from all of you
thank you
on another note
I have a little story to share
and a question to ask

a good friend started a wonderful charity when her father passed on
Christmas Day
my friend makes a great breakfast

and a small group of us gather around a big table in the garden
(after all, it's December in California!!)

we make pbj sandwiches
which are then put into sack lunch bags
with a little something sweet and a "cutie"
this year, socks will be included, thanks to another friend's donation
and then my friend and her mother
take the sack lunches into skid row
and feed the homeless
on Christmas day

she and her mother are  

today I went looking for those short 'spread' spreaders

they look like frosting spatulas but they're only about 5" long
does anyone know what they're called
and where I can find them?

as always, please leave a comment or a cookie recipe

and the name of those spreader thingeys

there are still gifts under the
to be sent to some of you


Gill said...

What is the beautiful white flower???
I think I would call your tool a palette knife!

Dana Gaffney said...

It's lovely what your friend and her mom do, that's the real spirit of Christmas. I think you may be looking for cheese spreaders.

Janet said...

I know what you mean on the spreaders - I have a pair (long and short) that I got from some Kitchen party or another. I'll keep my eye out for you.

And I agree - lovely what your friend and her Mom do.

mascanlon said...

It's earlier and I have only had one cup of coffee, all I can think of is cheese spreaders! Have a lovely weekend as we head into the final stretch!

Auntie Pami said...

An angled spatula. I have several that are used for icing cakes, but can be used for anything. Available in the cake decorating aisle.

Lee said...

Fabulous spirit of the holiday gift and on Christmas Day! Very nice!
This is the ones I use for spreading icing -
Have a lovely day!

Beth said...

We always call them "off-set spatulas". Have you tried Jo-Ann's or Michaels, in the section where they have cake decorating supplies and stuff made by Wilton?

If I can get out today--we have a long, snowy driveway--I'll look for you.

What a lovely tribute to your friend's dad--he left quite a legacy in such a kind daughter.

Sowing Stitches said...

Thank you so much! :)

As for the spatulas/spreaders I've found these before at: Hobby Lobby and Walmart in the cake decorating section, at Target with kitchen utensils, even at our local grocery....Pampered Chef also sells these. Hope you are able to track some down without a ton of running around.

@ Gill the white flower reminds me of String Lilies that grow in the marshes of Florida

Bennett and Graves said...

Like this? I know what you're talking about, I have a sort of spreader knife, but it was a gift....

Diane said...

Angled offset spatula
Love amazon prime!
Love your store, also. I have pieced a bento box top from Hawaiian fabrics I bought from your booth at a quilt expo in Santa Clara 3 years ago. Maybe I should send photos now rather than waiting until it is quilted....

Carrie P. said...

congrats to Carol.
looks like you got some help on your question.
those flowers are gorgeous.

carolann said...

What a beautiful story! Giving always makes me feel good.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

IT IS A LITTLE EARLY, BUT THERE'S ANOTHER POST COMING SOON. COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED, AND Dana, you are today's lucky gift recipient!! Please email me your snail mail!!

Mippy Foofalina said...

I know the game is closed but this I found and thought I'd share! :D