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Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is Martingale's turn!!

you might think it is too late in the day to post
about today's
BookBlog Tour

but I say, no.

this is the type of subject that requires the quiet of the day
as I have been visiting different quilt shows
and lecturing
and teaching
and telling people proudly,
"I wrote a BOOK!!!!!"

I have been also telling everyone

"no one writes a book by themself"
(could that even be correct grammar?)

this may seem counter intuitive
but I truly believe it to be the case
and I am sticking with it.

(there may not be very many pictures in this post, by the way...) 

look at the credits
editorial director
acquisitions editor
technical editor
copy editor
design director
production manager

elke and don who allowed their home to be used for the photo shoot

then there's the marketing person
the social media person
the person that coordinates and sells to all of the quilt shops
the person that wrote today's blog
(thank you Jenny, who, by the way, is ALSO a book author)

all of these people are
"my publisher"
it has a wonderful ring to it

"who published your book?"
 I proudly reply.

that's my story, and I'm sticking with it.
no one writes a book alone.




WeedyMama said...

I would be fluffin' my feathers too if I had a book published. Congrats!

cinderbike said...

Congratulations on your published book. All of that hard work has paid off. It looks like a very fun book. Congrats again.

Katja said...

So well stated Natalie! Congratulations on your beautiful book! Katja