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Friday, March 6, 2015

Rose Hughes

thank you
for your lovely post, written from the heart
 as the saying goes
if you are lucky enough to call Rose "friend"
you are lucky enough

you will find stories about Rose in the very first pages of A Modern Twist
and you will find her books noted in the Sources pages on the last pages of A Modern Twist
 because that's where friends are
they're there at the beginning, and they are there at the end
friendship is not a sometimes thing, it is an every page of the book thing

have you seen Rose's work?
I love her - well, I call it - Studio Work
 Poppy Dreamin'

where many of her pieces were in the gallery
(hope you were able to take her class)
 Mules Ears

one of the most lovely things about Rose
is how much of herself she gives

while her Gallery pieces are just incredible
what is also incredible is how much she shares of her techniques
the very tools she uses to create these masterpieces
simple things
mean so much
what needle to use for beading
how to fill up the spaces of a piece with quilting and decorative stitches
how do you do that thing that you do with color

I hope you all have a chance to take a class with Rose
but if you can't, I hope you will add a few of her books to your library
here is the most recent release
Rose Hughes
Rose Hughes
writes for Martingale/That Patchwork Place
right now!

thank you Rose, for being there every page of the book
and thank you for being a part of the BookBlog Tour!

remember to visit every stop along the way
you can leave a comment on every post
and each artist is giving their own ideas on the subjects of
color + contrast + composition

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