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Thursday, March 12, 2015

...with Angela Walters

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...with Angela Walters

for a chance to have your own copy of
A Modern Twist
random number generator drawing will take place March 15 
for a signed copy of the book A Modern Twist (US) or ebook (International)

...with Angela Walters

I think of Angela as a revolutionary quilter
that really changed how we look at finishing a quilt
it's important that we all know about quilting our finished tops
turning them in to quilts
and not just leaving them as tops

and it's important to quilt our tops in a manner that enhances the quilt
it's important to think about
color + contrast + composition
in quilting

thank you, Angela, for adding that concept to

if you can't attend a conference and take one of Angela's classes in person
there are a lot of ways that she makes her ideas available to us

 on a more personal note
I have enjoyed Angela's work - quilting, fabrics, books, lectures
for quite some time now
(how many of you remember this quilt on the cover of Quilters Newsletter Magazine?)
 so it would be an understatement to say that
was a joy to create with Angela's contributions to the book
not only the beautiful quilting
but the beautiful spirit 
that is Angela.
mother, wife, quilter, teacher

thank you so very much....

....with Angela

means the world to me!

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Meg Tison said...

Angela's work is so inspiring!