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Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Simple Life....meets clover clip thingeys

(this is not a sponsored post)

A Simple Life....

here's the thing I want to admit to all of you out there
I sew and quilt and knit a simple life
I am not that
gadget girl 
okay, it's not that I have anything against those people that love their gadgets
no, no....
but if you and I have ever chatted about quilting, you know my first statement is always,
"you can do it!!!"
and then I will tell you that all you really need is some fabric, some thread and a needle
I'll try to tell you that quilting is nothing more than a simple running stitch
and that applique is just a blind hem stitch in disguise
for this simple girl, pins are held in jars that remind me of great mornings on Kauai
and threads are few, small, and sorted in canning jars that came from a neighbor's garage sale

if a beginner asks me about a machine, I tell them not to worry too much
about saving thousands of dollars before they can begin to quilt
the family straight stitch machine is a great place to start
truly.  really.  honest.

(my sewing machine quiver doesn't include a machine post-1980!)
while out and about promoting
my very first book

A Modern Twist
A Modern Twist

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at EE Schenck in Portland
In. The. Warehouse.
full of fabrics and patterns and books and.....
my travel companions convinced me that these would really come in handy
with all of the binding I sew down for Quilt Market and the likes
I don't even know how to use I thought I would ask all of you
is it red on the stitch side?  red on the back side?
is the clip pushed all the way to the edge of the binding?
how far apart do you clip?
do you clip the mitered corners?
when do you remove the clips?
and more importantly

where do you put your hands while you are stitching?

if these gadget thingeys can save me some time - any time - I'd be happy to try them
but this simple life girl
needs your help!!

on another note....
this week and next week are filled with boxes and bubble wrap and sorting and lifting

I have been helping a friend pack up her family home
and while I will miss her and her hubby
I know she will always be my
no matter her location

the gifts from her - from her home - are being re purposed into 

a simple life

and the wooden bowl that lived atop her refrigerator
 will greet me every morning 
when I tackle the day's early morning knitting project

please leave me a comment with some direction about these clip thingeys

and I hope you will take a look at
(I'm so proud.....)
add it to your library, or if you have a copy, please leave a review on Amazon
or Barnes and Noble
or Martingale!

A Simple Life....


Cecilia said...

I put the red on the stitch side but not all the way to the edge. I space the clips about 5 inches apart and yes, I do clip the mitered corner. I love using these clips since I used to get stuck with the pins.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the gadget thing. I put one straight pin
In at the start of the binding and just roll it to the back as I stitch, hold the mitre with pinched fingers as I sew front and back and continue on.
Susan in Dublin

Julie said...

I love these. They proved themselves in December while I covered my daughter and myself as I stitched down the binding. She was thankful not to get stuck with pins (as she has in the past). I use them with the red side up and space them about five inches apart. I do use them on the mitered corners.

Janet said...

Funny girl. Red on the stitch side and as Cecilia said, not all the way to the edge. One hand on your needle, one holding the top right above where you're stitching ... unless, of course, you're planning to machine stitch your binding ... then one above/one below the needle. Congrats on the book ... you're on a roll these days!

Denny1600 said...

Hi! I resisted these clips for so long, but finally got some and love them!! When I'm hand stitching, I don't really care which side goes where, but I like then hanging on most of the way into the clip. When I'm machine stitching, I like the red side up (the other side is flat). I know there are markings on the clip, but I don't really know the purpose and try not to think about it. I, too, space them about 5-8 inches apart so they're not in the way of my hand that is holding the edge of the quilt. I, too, clip the mitered corners. Before I bought these, I stuck myself with pins or, when working without pins, had to constantly re-position the binding, so that my hands ached before I got far along. I keep the clip box next to me and, as I approach a clip, I either scoot it over a bit to help a bit longer or toss it into the box. It makes a nice, satisfying sound of progress when it goes in the box. Have fun!!

Terri Faust said...

I also resisted these little clips for a while but got some on an awesome sale so decided to try them. I really do love them for binding now. I happen to put the clear side up on the side I am stitching because it holds the entire edge flat (because the red side is curved not flat). I do put a clip on the corner. Sometimes I would drop a pin in the couch or floor, and now I don't have to worry about that anymore. They are also great to use instead of pins when you are stitching vinyl or some other material that you can't get a pin through or don't want to poke a hole in.

mascanlon said...

Just the best for binding but where they really shine is bag making! Holding down multiple layers without the distortion of a pin...if you can even get one through some layers. And they don't slip away only to be found later by bare feet or paws.

CherylB said...

Thank you soooo much for your comments about "just do it " and not to wait to save for a machine ..I needed all that validation...
I'm an accomplished seamstress but never quilted...I'm on my 2nd quilt!!!!! AND I LOVVEEE the process...I don't have a big fancy machine, just a 30 yr old 4 stitch Kenmore...and I have a few puckers on my backing and all the stitches aren't straight all the time..but you know what...I don't care..I 'm enjoying it so much
Thank you

Debbie said...

I have never used these clips. I have always used those hairclips that are about 8/$1. They work for me.