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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

(and a little extra)

we're still in the swing of things for

it happens twice a year
but the good news is that all of that posting hoopla
means new fabrics and new quilt pattern designs
yesterday, I had the chance to "take over" the Windham Fabrics
instagram account
(go take a look and hit that little heart on the left of the posts!)

and for some of our existing patterns
we print with a new quilt cover shot updates
(thank you @iheartdl!!)
this beautiful version of the pattern Hang Ten
was made by Leslie and just turned out to be a sparkling quilt!
she made it for QuiltCon2016 in Pasadena
thank you thank you thank you
(and she's a mom!)

but back to Mothers Day

(ykw - and my mother)

(and her mother)

mothers come in all forms
but they have that one thing
that tenaciousness that love that softness that not so softness
that makes them worthy of the title

and I for one, thank you for that commitment

so, when you wake tomorrow at the crack of dawn
and to celebrate

are having a storewide sale on all of the things
on sale or regular price
at the new ETSY shop

just add the code

at the end of your shopping for your discount
(and of course, free first class shipping within the US)



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sf gfd said...

happy mothers day to you too. great post you got here, thanks for good work