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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Details of Spring Market

the details of Spring Market

Salt Lake City, Utah


I can only imagine
what it must be like to see all of the posts from
Spring Market

what IS this thing?

this month, look for a series of photos from Spring Market

let's start with the details

because in this room, it's really all about the details
every item, every branch, every cord, every label, every blossom
thought over and over again and then once more...again

because you have only a moment to catch someone's eye
in a very big room full of really great talent

so here are just a few of the details

(booth unknown)

Amy Butler for Westminster Fibers

(one of the very big booths - eeeep, I can't recall!!)

(a whole wall of wool....)

Latifah Saafir for Hoffman California Fabrics 

Natalie Barnes for Windham Fabrics

International Quilt Market is the quilting industry wholesale show
for all things quilting
all things

Spring and Fall
just like clockwork

and just like clockwork
all of the secret sewing that has been going on around town
floods social media

what do you think?
are you happy to finally see new projects?
new fabrics?
do you look for the posts
just like clockwork?


1 comment:

Denny1600 said...

Yours is one of my favorite market blog posts! Not so much "look at these lines of fabrics!" More of the creativity at the booths. I like the spring market posts. I get overwhelmed amd can't keep track, but I can study what catches my eye and zoom past the rest. I understand the sneak peeks and secrecy beforehand. Love to read the various perspectives. Most everyone else is positive. Love your fresh approach, as usual.