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Friday, July 1, 2016

The People of Spring Market

it's all about the people

Spring Market is so much more than fabric and notions

in our last post about Spring Market
we talked about the details
the care in which people take with their presentations

and then it hit me
it's the people

every booth has someone standing in the middle of the booth
and that someone
designed something
that is in that booth

their "thing" might be in someone else's booth

or they might have something in their booth
that they designed with someone else's "something"

or they might be visiting someone to see about that person's
and cheer them on

they might have even travelled from far and away
(hint:  Australia - garments...think garments)
to pick up something
to use in their booth in their country's upcoming show

or they just might be a friend
coming to see what someone did with their very first "something"

there are even people there just for support

and then there are friends that are
always there

it's a lot.
a lot of energy and a lot of support.

but to each and every one of you
(and to the others that I did not have a chance to photograph)
I offer up a sincere thank you
for helping to show our community
what can be achieved with
Hand Maker
(eeeep - I designed a line of fabrics!!!!)

while the fabrics don't arrive in shops until November 2016
I just have to keep saying say thank you
for the work of many hands that went into the showing of the fabrics
at Spring Market 2016

can you name all of the folks in the post?
please leave a comment with all of the names of the people in the pics
to win a


leave posts until July 15
top three comments will receive their very own


Zanymouse said...

I can only name a few, Angela Walters, Julie Herman, Heather Givans, and of course, the illustrious Natalie Barnes. It's so nice to see all the pictures with your beautiful fabric (that bag!!!), such talented makers and designers. Have a beautiful day, Natalie!

Em said...

Natalie Barnes, Angela Walters, Julie Herman and others that I don't know but would love to meet someday.

Diane said...

Natalie Barnes - a favorite pattern designer and now a fabric designer. Woohoo! Julie Herman, Angela Walters and others. Sorry I don't know their names.

Rilene said...

What fun it must be at the quilt market! My favorite designer is Sandy Gervais.

Vicki said...

Well, I can guess a few. Marcea Owen, Felice Regina, B. George, Angela Walters, Julie Herman, Heather Givans and Tula Pink (I think) and of course Natalie Barnes. Oh, it must be fun to be surrounded by such creators and fabric.