ISLAND HOME fabrics by Natalie Barnes from ANTHOLOGY FABRICS

Sunday, September 30, 2018

time to talk real life....again.

it's sunday.
time to talk real life.

some days bring us shadows
that is, to point out the obvious, a part of life

we all have faced it at one time or another in our lives

but it seems we're in a culture where we are more rewarded
for being stoic, staying productive
keeping our head high
staying positive and joyful and happy
and moving on

I want to suggest otherwise
I want to suggest it's okay to be sad every so often
(rather than angry)
I want to suggest it's okay to be, as my neighbor said the other day,

be kind to yourself
give yourself space
and allow yourself time to turn your grief
into great stories about the person that make you laugh
or reminds you of the sunshine
instead of the shadow

quilters do that so well
we comfort people with quilts
we make pillowcases from happy fabrics

do something to honor that place of loss in your life
and give yourself a hug
that will be the best positive joyful happiest thing you can do


fly high, Pete

(look at it this way - you got an extra 30 years out of it - it was well worth the tradeoff)


Sew Bee It Clothier said...

Beautiful. I needed a hug today too. 💜

Keddar said...

This is my very first tweet and it’s going to you, Natalie. Thanks for the Arts and Crafts day at Sisters. Today I am working on it and imaging myself at the beautiful places on the Coast of California! Here’s to a great day for you.