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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing....

lessons from A Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon
Jenny Doan

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jenny Doan
while I was teaching at A Quilter's Affair

What a pleasure, a privilege it is to just "chat"

And then.
Then she asked me.

"What's the next big thing you're doing?"

I froze.
What to say, what to say.
Told her about my upcoming fabric line with Windham Fabrics.
And we chatted about the upcoming event at Missouri Star,
The Birthday Bash.

As I was walking through the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show,
it hit me.

What my next big thing is for me, when I return home.

It is a visit with my neighbor and friend, Roger, 
who is turning a spry 90 years old this year.

is my next big thing.
We'll go for sour cabbage soup 
"it's only served on Tuesdays and Saturdays", he will remind me.

And then we'll take our weekly walk through Sam's Club
or Costco
We'll laugh and cry as we both tell stories about our pasts.
And we'll share wisdom of the ages.
He'll be polite and kind with my "energy".
He'll tell me to settle down a little bit
in the kindest way.
We'll joke about how much food we're both getting
and talk about the "best orange juice ever" 
from Sam's Club
(they squeeze it fresh for him)

And when I returned home
I realized also, what Jenny was telling me,
not asking me.

"What is the next big thing you're doing?"
She didn't want to know at all where I would be teaching
or if I was attending a show.
She didn't need to know where my travels would take me
or when my next fabric line was releasing.

She was coaching me, in the kindest of ways.
Same as my 90 year old friend.
Offering me some space to think about where my boat is pointed.
Where I'm headed.
The big picture.

Thank you, Jenny.
Thank you, Roger.

Thank you for taking time with me.
For asking.
And for gently guiding me along the way.

So, today, on this blog that is long overdue, I will ask you - 

What is your next big thing?



mascanlon said...

Well that is deep my dear for a Monday AM! I don’t suppose decluttering would really count.🙄

Unknown said...

Lovely post. I am sitting here in a recliner trying to get some energy to finish My Next Big Thing which is finishing 100 doll quilts for charity. These need to be finished soon. I have made 79 at this point. Pain in my body keeps me from sewing some days. Maybe tomorrow I will be better.

Penny said...

Great post ~ something to think about. I am thinking now!

Dorothy said...

What a wonderful relationship you have with your neighbor. Makes me want to be more like you when I "grow up". So enjoyed the 2 days with you in Sisters--Furrows is just about done. I think my next "big thing" is the back for Homeward, Hugs, D

Jane St. Pierre said...

You always have a great “take” on things! Things we take for granted. So glad I can call you my friend! So glad you had a great time at Sisters, wish I could have been there, but maybe next year.

Valorie Webster said...

Quilter, designer, life could be called all those things...and an inspiration! Thank you!

Unknown Soldier said...

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