ISLAND HOME fabrics by Natalie Barnes from ANTHOLOGY FABRICS

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Homeward ....

 Homeward ....

new fabric - new release

it's that awkward stage
you've seen it before

the fabric is released, but won't be available for purchase
until much much later in the year

we're in that awkward stage
please meet

if you are a shop owner or a shop worker
maybe your sales rep has shown you this new line of fabrics
Here's the description - the inspiration behind these prints:

This new line of fabric is called “Homeward"…..My inspiration? That feeling when you’re on that last leg of “coming home”….
The long drive down the gravel road headed toward home….home to the things that matter most of all.  Grandma’s iris bulbs blooming at the front door, daddy’s rods and reels hanging on the wall in the den, and that good old dog standing on the porch, waiting to greet you….Tradition.  Spirit.  Home.

Pattern names were chosen to remind us of the simplicity of the spirit of home - "corsage, summer dress, chicken scratch, nest, front gate, family tree, hearth, brick porch and sparkle”.  

And colors are rich and varied.  Look for purple to teal to avocado, to pink and cheery red and a rich gold.  These colors, along with a group of black, white and greys will give you the right mix for any project.  Finally, remember to add the "special coordinating print" of florals.   You’ll have great success with your quilting projects, home projects and even garments!

I'm so proud to be designing fabrics for Windham Fabrics!!
you'll find all of the great quilts and projects
in the 
on the Windham Fabrics site

if you are looking for a place to purchase this fabric
(in January)
please let your local quilt shop know
you'd like to see
on their shelves!

remember, we'll be doing an online auction
for the 30" quilts
at Market (and probably Festival, too!)
so please keep an eye out on fb or ig or maybe follow along

take a look at the look book to see the 30" quilts
and the lineup of the Makers

Finally, I just want to say
how proud I am to have the chance to design fabrics for all of you
it is an honor

please leave a message below to let me know what you think
of the line
and include your opinion about
"that awkward stage"
(your comment will enter you in a drawing to win a fat quarter bundle
of Marcia Derse Palette colors!)



Pamela said...

I love the story of the inspiration for these fabrics. The fabrics themselves are beautiful - I love the variety of prints and colors. Knowing the inspiration gives them a whole new level of meaning, and it would be great fun to think about that while sewing with them. It's unfortunate that there has to be an awkward stage, but they are certainly worth waiting for!

scottylover said...

Love the colors of this group. They are so rich and not ones you see all of the time. The black and whites are great, too, and could be worked as backgrounds or lights in projects. Love the black circles the most.

When I think of awkward stages, I think about all the times I tried to grow my hair out. It would hit that stage where it wouldn't look good or go the way I wanted or be long enough to pull in a ponytail, but when it got past that stage it was so worth the wait! I'm sure it will be the same with your fabric line, too. So worth the wait in the end!

Sandy A

quiltzyx said...

What a great range of colors & patterns. It was lovely to read of your inspirations as well. As for the awkward stage...nah, this is our ANTICIPATION stage & gives us something wonderful to look forward to!!

Anonymous said...

The fabrics are beautiful and I love that they will mix with the previous line. I'm at an awkward stage when buying fabric for an unknown project cos I always am afraid I will run out of fabric I love.
paweis at yahoo dot com

Dorothy said...

OK Natalie, I'll bite---but I would rather win a bundle of Homeward. Love you

Barb said...

Once again you amaze me!! Congrats on your new line and I love the story, time flies so the awkward wait will be quick! And wooohooo worth waiting for!! Congrats!!

Cindy Cooksey said...

You design beautiful fabrics! These are great. I will look for them even if I don't win the drawing.

Shirley Ginn said...

Love the colors, texture and patterns. These will be great for so many different quilts. Congratulations on your new line. Enjoyed the story behind the designs.

Facility Services said...

I'm absolutely head over heels in love with Marcia Derse fabrics and beyond the reef. Can't wait for the new fabric line.

czwomack said...

I've been looking for garment fabrics lately, and I can't believe how many of these prints are exactly what I was looking for! Tunics and even shorts! There is no awkward stage--just a bit of time for planning the projects. These prints are lovely!

Kim King said...

Love the new line!

Beth said...

Oh, I'm excited about this new line. I'd love to make a quilt with it right now for my niece who just started college.

And I love the names you chose--they remind me of going to visit my out-of-state cousins, something I loved so much when I was a teen. I lived in the suburbs and they lived in the country; visiting them felt like going back in time.

Delaine said...

I love this new line of fabric! The awkward stage is filled with anticipation waiting for these beautiful new lines to be available to purchase. Usually I can't wait! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Natalie on your new fabulous, wonderful, can't wait to buy fabrics. Also, will be ordering your Laurel Birch Flowerbed quilt from KQ. You are awesome.