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Friday, January 25, 2008

You are what you eat? You are what you read!

Some people say you are what you eat.

Hey.  I say we are what we read.  We are what we think.  Oh, let's face it.  We are what we spend the most of our time around.  About.  With.  On.

So I say to you again, like a broken record, "Choose wisely".

The picture above, I realized, epitomizes "what I eat".

First of all, there are those note cards.  Dots and Jots.  What a cute name.  Come on, you know some of you have received those good old fashioned hand written notes from me.  I send them to thank you for meals, for gifts, for all the things you give.  These happen to be from a great quilter, Denyse Schmidt.  Don't you love her works?  She makes her quilts for us to make, and for other to purchase, and for others to purchase as custom quilts.  I love that concept, too.  And then there's Denyse's book.  If you haven't seen this book before, pick it up.  Or go to our website to email me and I will send you a copy (I think there's a link now).  The projects in it are worth the time spent on them.  (choose wisely)

Of course, there is the new Amy Butler book Midwest Modern.  Another great thing to put time into.  I actually sat down and READ this book.  It may look like another coffee table style book, but it is anything BUT.  Amy has a sincere, honest, pure, well, midwest modern approach to things, and she's willing to share it all with us through this great publication.  Don't just buy it; read it.  Become it.

Finally, there's that SOAK soap up there.  Soap? You ask?  How do I become soap?!???  Well, back to my original statement - we are what we put our time into.  How many hours a day do you spend cooking to show those around you how much you love them?  How many times have you picked up a cup or a spoon or rinsed out the sink for a loved one?  We all know the phrase, "you cook, I'll clean" (or at least I hope you do).  SOAK.  This soap, however is for US.  The knitters.  The quilters.  The ones in those fancy 'unmentionables'.  You know, US.  Soak comes in scents - how lovely that we should treat ourselves so well.  And when we are done putting our time into the knit cap, the quilt, or even the pillow case to show someone how much we care about them, we should continue to care by the care we take in caring for that item.  (now that was a mouth full...)

So, when I say we are what we read, remember.  We are what we put our time into.  So put it into telling someone you love knitting, by quilting, or just by sitting quietly with them while reading a good book.

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f

be. do. create.  2008


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