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Monday, February 4, 2008

Email Mornings and Sewing Afternoons

(today's blog is inspired by an email I received from suzi a; thank you)

I don't know how many of you know this about me, but I now have a new routine.  And I'm trying very hard to keep my routine.  It was suggested to me by my 'partner in crime', Suzanne in Arizona.  Many of you know her from the quilt shows.  It goes something like this - email mornings, sewing afternoons.

I am usually a snail mail, paper and stamps and pretty pends kind of girl.  Find an article I think someone will like, send it along with a little handwritten note.  You know the type.  But I appreciate wholeheartedly the benefits of technology - mainly emails.  (and of course, now, blogs)  I have been reunited with my Cousin Barb (also in the booth at the shows) as a result.  And that alone is worth the price of admission into - well, let's face it - technohell.

And this is where Suzi A's inspiration comes into play.  (finally, you whisper under your breath)  She asked for an aloha shirt pattern.  I responded and told her about the beyond the reef quilt pattern.  That wasn't the pattern she wanted.  I had the pieced pattern she was asking for; it was a free pattern.  I sent it to her.  I didn't hear from her for a while.  She emailed me this morning.  She and the computer had words over who got to keep the pattern attachment.  Who won, you ask?  Suzi of course.

But now her sewing machine has dust on it, and the fabric is trying to strangle the computer.  They're fighting for her attention!!!

How many of you have been in this situation?  Oh, come on.  Admit it.  Computer.  Sewing Machine.  Computer.  Sewing Machine.  Computer.  How many times a day do you check your email?  Or do you just leave it on all day.  Maybe someone will email me and tell me how much they love me.  Or my project.  Or or or.  How many times a day do you try to figure out how to DO something on your computer?  How many times do you try doing something before you get it right?  On the computer, I mean.  Come on, we're not tackling life here in this week's blog, just the computer.

And then there's your sewing machine.  Patiently, transparently sitting quietly.  Waiting.  No little green glowing lights to power.  No cables, bulky third party manuals, no talking back.  (okay, I'm assuming you don't have the top of the line computerized gizmo that runs off of your computer here - just for now)

Just waiting.

While you stare at the computer screen, read those emails, send those emails, design those quilts, straighten up those photos...


Does the sewing machine organize?  No.  It does not enlist the help of the rotary cutter (which could put an end to the computer cable mess once and for all).  The fabric may jump in on its own (another issue for another day, please).  But.  It is your faithful companion.  Think about it.  Once you learn how to wind the bobbin and thread the needle, it's happy.

I have a writing girlfriend.  Well published and well recognized for her talent.  During her lectures, she is often asked how to write a book.  The answer she gives is a little better than what I am going to give in paraphrase, but the answer is:  "Butt in Chair"  That's all your sewing machine asks of you.  Just a little face time.

So this week, I challenge you.  Slowly, quietly approach your sewing machine.  Come with heart in hand.  Sit in front of it.  Gaze upon it with a happy face - offer it your happy heart.  Admire its intelligence.  Put your hand on it.  Feel the graceful curves of its body.  Take just a moment to thank your machine for all it has done for you to date.  Don't think about the future.  Just be in the moment.  Just be.

be. do. create. 

See, there WAS a point to all of this.

Oh, and the sewing machine approach works on other parts of your life too.

Projects.  Questions.  Life's mysteries.  People

Thanks for thinking of 
b e y o n d   t h e   r e e f


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