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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What happened to Mondays? aka - quilt kit

There are those days that just 'get you'.  They get the best of you, too.  What happened to my Monday blogs, you ask?  Well, there have been some Mondays in the month that 'got me'.

And when that happens to YOU, be sure you have a little hand work available.  Because if you just want to curl up in a ball, or curl up inside of yourself, it's best to already have something going that you can just pick up and work on.  You're not going to be ready to start a new project and pull fabrics and make decisions on the design wall, and, well, let's face it - on those days, you can't even get the thread to go through the needle on your sewing machine to even GET it to sew!!!  Knit a scarf.  Knit one row to the end.  Turn.  Knit the next row to the end.  Turn.  Knit the...well, you get it.  That's why they call it two sticks and a string.  We've ALL been there.  

I have been working on some donation quilts - small things for Alzheimers Research.  I am quilting them with 'a nail'  (okay, a 9, if you must know)  and have been using big running stitches.  They're great little fund raising quilts.  They're all mine - creative, colorful, and yes, quilted in big stitch.  Kindof like knitting that scarf...

So, if Mondays have been slipping by you too, don't worry.  Just be sure you have a little handwork around.  You'll be fine.  And if you don't, check out our website for some bamboo batting, some casein knitting needles, or a kit that's all ready for you to dive into without the required fabric gathering and design work!!  Really, this too shall pass.

Thanks for thinking of 
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