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Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Quilt Market

Quilt Season.
Spring Quilt Market.
International Quilt Market, Spring.
call it what you will but it is one of two 'seasons' in the quilt world
Spring Market/Fall Market
a time when you see a flurry of new designs
fabrics. patterns. books.

when people post and blog and photograph
color.  pattern.  content.

for some it is big, big, business
and for others it is all of their hopes and dreams and wishes
on display for all to see for three short days

all of this piles on (usually) a sleep deprived designer of one thing or another
that has arrived after days of driving
or hours of flying with tons of bags full of quilts and products rolled through the airports
like some modern day gypsy
by friday, that sleep deprived designer
must give up their t-shirt and jeans for their pearls and sundress
and stand in their booth to receive the comments of the crowd
"I LOVE the quilting on that quilt," one person says.
"Is that Kona?  The colors, that fabric is great," another says.
and I am reminded once again
it isn't just the pattern designer
or the fabric designer
or the quilter

it is all of us
everyone in that big giant convention center
(well, in this case, the whole lot of us that has quite possibly taken over the whole city of Portland)
we are all the sum of our parts
and I remind a quilt shop owner that they are another part
and the quilt shop owner reminds me
that their customers are another part

and someone else reminds me
that the recipient of the quilt, bag, project for the home, is yet another part

given with love
all of it

the most important part of all
is that
we have all given with love



Sharon T said...

Beautifully said!

Leslie McNeil said...

i enjoyed reading this post natalie. yes! all true...