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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes

A Modern Twist

by Natalie Barnes with Angela Walters

we are the sum of our parts


it's something I think about every day
every morning that I wake
and every evening before I retire for the evening

we are truly the sum of our parts

if you have purchased a copy of my very first book
the first thing you will notice is that
the by line is shared with Angela Walters

and if you read the first page of script, you will find
"...we are the sum of our parts. 
We truly stand shoulder to shoulder, and we are better for it."

if you have ever attended one of my trunk shows
the first thing I will tell you
is that it was Jill Marie Landis that encouraged me to create 
beyond the reef

 when I look at the photo above, it is rich in color to me
I see gifts from Steve and Jill
and knitting I have shared with Lisa
I have candlesticks given to me on the Ranch
and shells from my ex business partner
I see trivets and coasters from other friends
and of course a lovely artisan piece
that was my mothers
the lamp, from my Aunt Laura
there are twigs, and a feather, and butterfly wings
all with a story to tell

even the hutch
was hauled home in the back of a truck with the help of my friend Anne
even tho she's in Buffalo, the times we spent together in the past
are still a part of my life today

A Modern Twist
just wouldn't be the same without the help of 
the same way that 
"..a quilt's not a quilt until it's quilted."

and you all know, in your own lives
quilting wouldn't be the same without the people you meet along the way
so the next time you pull out a piece of fabric
think about the person you were with 
when you purchased it

the next time you start to work on a swap mini quilt
think about the time you have shared with your swap partner

and the next time you are at a quilt show or a retreat
and you see someone sitting alone
do as my friend Leslie would
invite them to join you at your table
you never know
you might just make a friend for life

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